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Arborist Services For The Greater Tri-State Area


Allow our certified arborists to provide expert diagnostics to assess the health of your trees. We can research specific diseases and provide eradication solutions, and with a combination of pesticides and beneficial insects, keep your trees healthy and growing. Ask about our Emerald Ash Borer control services to help reduce the loss of Ash trees.


Remove troublesome stumps and dead branches with our tree pruning and stump grinding services. We provide thinning, structural pruning, and crown reductions. We can reduce the number of trees to a more manageable size, and prune trees in your orchard to promote fruit growth


Increase light and reduce wind resistance by selective removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This is a common practice which improves the tree's strength against adverse weather conditions as the wind can pass through the tree resulting in less "load" being placed on the tree.


We grind down all of our stumps 8'' below grade and then remove any excess shavings leaving a smooth area for you to plant something new in the future.


We always prefer to save a tree when possible, but sometimes removing a tree is the only option. With our experienced staff we utilize climbing, bucket trucks and even cranes to safely remove your tree.


Cabling limbs can help reduce the chance of breakage during high winds, improper growth structure or just the added weight of rain and snow. Bracing will help keep split or weak unions within the tree from splitting. There are many options when it comes to cabling and bracing so give us a call and have one of our arborist's talk to you about the best options.


If the unfortunate time comes when you need help with a downed tree on your property or even worse your home you can rest assured knowing that Towe Arbor Care has a 24 hour emergency answering service and our crew of professionals will be out to help ASAP.

Experience Matters

At Towe Arbor Care, we hold our work and employees to a higher standard. Trust our certified arborists to follow all modern and up-to-date arborist techniques. Giving you the client the most advanced tree care possible is our goal. Towe Arbor Care always looks forward to bringing only the most up to date and scientific tree care services to our clients.

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